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Colorbond Colour Chart

Colorbond Fencing Colour Chart

At Harding Fencing, COLORBOND® & Gramline steel privacy fencing makes it easy to get the look you want. We have 27 stylish colours to choose from, coordinate your fencing with the colour scheme of your home.

COLORBOND® & Gramline steel privacy fencing looks stylish either side of the fence. When installed properly it wont have any gap, foothold or loose palings. Its easy to maintain, meaning once it’s installed you wont be spending your time painting or oiling your fence. When choosing Harding Fencing’s COLORBOND® & Gramline steel privacy fencing you know it won’t rot, you’ll have no trouble with termites and it’s resistant to fire. Choose our COLORBOND® & Gramline steel privacy fencing to enhance security, privacy and style of your home.

Use the COLORBOND® colour chart below to select the right colour for your fence.
Colorbond color chart