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Premium Frameless Glass

Premium Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is the Rolls Royce of pool fencing! This fence is made using 12mm toughened glass mounted on marine grade stainless steel feet called Spigots. 
They are usually core drilled into existing tiles or concrete slab using a rapid setting high strength grout giving the glass maximum strength. Remember to advise your concretor if you intend to have your glass fence continue past the pool coping to a boundary fence as you may need a concrete strip footing for that section. The spigots can also be fixed to a timber deck where provisions have been made within the framework.  

If the pool fence is to be within 1250mm of the waters edge provisions will need to be in place for attaching an earth cable loop to all spigots.  Spigots are also available in a durable plastic composite which does not require earthing when within 1250mm of the waters edge.  
The glass is installed with a gap in between each panel of approx 40 to 65mm. 
Gates are of varying sizes and standard or soft close hydraulic hinges are available.

Glass Retaining Panels

Glass Retaining Panels are used to maintain the compulsory 1.2m height where there is a step or retaining wall within the pool area. These panels are readily available in increments of 100mm starting at 1.3m high to 1.8m high accommodating a maximum step of 600mm. These panels are made at 1.2m wide only. 

*Not Pool Safe


Polaris 125 Series Soft Close Hinges are a revolution in glass hinge technology. Specifically designed for exterior use on for glass gates such as pool fences, security gates, pedestrian and child access gates. The 125 Series Builds upon the foundation of the already market leading 120 series Hinge. The 125 Series has been completely redesigned. Improvements in overall function, longevity, ease to install and maintain  were all key levers part of the design process. The new 125 series hinge now features a “QUIK-ADJUST” ratchet cat for quick and simple speed adjustment. The soft Close dampers can also be removed and upgraded providing the most simple to install and flexible hinge on the market today. In-house tested completed to over 500,000 cycles and independently tested to 25,000 cycles at a NATA Accredited testing facility. The 125 series hinges are not only certified to the rigorous Australian pool fence standards, we actually exceeded it setting the benchmark for the industry.  

Also available in Black and Grey

Primero 316 Polished Stainless Soft Close Hydraulic Gate Hinge Standard 316 polished gate hinge

Also Available in Black

Standard 316 Polished Stainless
Gate Hinge and Latch

Also Available in Black

Black Powder Coated Standard 316 Stainless Gate Hinge and Latch

Triple Powder-Coated Spigot doesn't require earthing

The latest option in non-conductive hardware! Meet the Triple Powder-coated 2205 marine grade stainless steel spigot available in both Matt black and silver pearl finish. 

Black Powder Coated Heavy Duty 2205 Marine Grade Stainless Square Spigot

Heavy Duty 2205 Marine Grade Polished Stainless Square Spigot

Also Available in Black

Plastic Composite Spigots

This handy little invention can save a lot of time and money when your pool fencing is within the 1250mm splash zone where it requires earthing, aka equipotential bonding. These spigots have been certified to NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) and meets design compliance certification in accordance with AS1926.1 Safety barriers for pools and come with a 10 year manufacturer guarantee. They are currently available in a black core drilled design only.

Insulated Spigot Covers

These insulated spigot covers are suitable for 12mm Glass Pool Fencing and are available in Matte Black or Matte Silver.
They are designed to sleeve over the stainless steel spigot giving you all the strength and durability of stainless without having to earth your pool fence.

Polystainless Spigots

These spigots are suitable for 12mm Glass Pool Fencing and are made of a non-conductive composite material with the added strength of steel within the core giving a premium looking Glass Pool Fencing spigot that does not require earthing.

Pin Fixed Glass Fencing

This type of fencing is sure to turn heads with it’s stunning appearance!

Pin Fixed Glass is 12mm toughened glass which is mounted on the side of the structure rather than on top using non climbable stainless steel mounting pins. This type of fence is used where a conventional top mounted fence will not comply or simply to gain additional room inside the pool area. 
This fence does not require earthing (equipotential bonding)

Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is an alternative to our fully frameless glass pool fencing. The 50x50mm aluminium glazing posts can be powder coated in the colour of your choice. This fence is made using 10mm toughened glass set into the glazing posts and fixed with a durable rubber wedge. 

Black Flat Top Pool Fencing

This is the industry standard and often the most affordable way to fence a pool area given it’s a largely stocked item with immediate availability. Posts can be core drilled into existing concrete or tiles or concreted in ground. Panels are 1200mm high by approx 2400mm wide and are usually mounted on 50×50 powder coated aluminium posts. Treated hardwood posts are also available.

Custom Black Flat Top Pool Panel

Custom Black Flat Top Pool Panels are used to maintain the compulsory 1.2m height where there is a step or retaining wall within the pool area. These panels are custom made to order with an approx 10 working day turnaround.

Perspex Power Point and Tap Pool Compliance Covers

These are Perspex tap and PowerPoint covers. These are an inexpensive way to shield a tap or Power Point when it’s within the climbable zone of the pool fence. 

*Can be made pool safe

Aluminium Slats

Aluminium slats are a stunning way to present your home and are available in a range of different sizes and can be welded together or fabricated onsite. The gaps between are commonly 10-20mm but can be made to your specifications including pool fencing compliance.

Pressed Spear Security Fencing

This type of fence is the ultimate in strength and security.
It is usually made using 40x40mm rails with 25x25mm pickets with a pressed spear top.
It is available in powder coated steel or aluminum and comes ready made at 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m high by approx 2.4m wide panels.
The posts are usually 65x65mm or 75x75mm powder coated steel or aluminium.
Tamper proof security brackets are also available.

Raked Panels

Most fencing can be custom made or installed to follow the ground level. This is called Raking. The other less favourable option is to step the panels often leaving a large gap under one corner of the fence panel.
In this example, the panels have been made to follow the ground level to ensure minimum gaps under the fence.

*Not Pool Safe

Aluminium Tubular Fencing Double Top Rail Design (DTR panel)

Double top rail design aluminium tubular fencing (DTR panel) with treated hardwood posts. Please note with all tubular fencing we can use powder coated steel, aluminium or treated hardwood posts with aluminium being the most popular for its longevity and tolerance to the elements.  

*Not Pool Safe

Aluminium Tubular Fencing Double Top Rail Two Up Two Down

Double top rail two up, two down, powder coated aluminium tubular fencing.

Picket Top

1.2m high aluminium picket top fencing.
This can be installed using aluminium, steel or hardwood posts.
Optional black plastic plugs are available to insert into top of tubes.
Picket top fencing is hard to climb making it a good choice to secure your yard.
It can also be made pool safe.

*Can be made pool safe

Aluminium Spear Top Fencing

This fencing is made to order and like all other aluminium fencing is fabricated at .9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, and 1.8m high.
These panels can be made flat or in an arched shape giving a decorative and secure looking fence.

*Can be made pool safe

Loop Top Panels

These panels can be made to be pool compliant and mounted on either aluminium or treated hardwood posts. Panels are 1200mm high by approx 2400mm wide. (This product can be made pool safe).

*Pool safe

Colourbond AKA Steel Privacy Fencing

This is the ultimate fence for our Australian environment. It is impervious to termites and is very resistant to our sometimes harsh elements. 
This fencing is available in 900,1200,1500 & 1800mm high panels with the option to install a 150mm high powder coated steel plinth or a 200×50 cca treated pine sleeper to give a max 2m overall height.
Steel Privacy Fencing gives you full privacy, eliminates gaps often associated with barking dogs and reduces outside noise not to mention it is very low maintenance.

*Pool safe

Breeze Fencing

Compliment your standard Colorbond or Steel Privacy Fence! This setup gives you the best of both worlds with privacy at the bottom and breeze at the top!
A standard 1.8m high fence consists of approx 1.5m high sheets with 3x 65×16 aluminium or steel slats above.
Also available 1.2m, and 1.5m overall heights.
Why not match your Breeze fence with a slat gate!

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates provide a secure and sophisticated look to any home. These are available in most types of material and can be fitted to an existing or new fence. We speak from experience when we say having an automated sliding gate has made life that little bit easier! It’s the little things like having more room reversing trailers and caravans, knowing the kids and dog are safe in the front yard and my favourite, not having to get out to open the gate at the end of the day!
Automation is definitely the way to go with the average cost around $1200 installed. Our light industrial motors use a low voltage power supply often saving the cost of hiring an electrician! All our sliding gate motors come with battery backup and have a 24 month onsite warranty. Conditions apply. 
Why not add a wired or wireless pin pad as well!
In most cases your new gate remote can be linked to your existing garage door motor too!