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Aluminium Fencing Brisbane: Popular Styles

aluminium slats fence

Aluminium Fencing Brisbane: Popular Styles

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most popular styles of aluminium fencing in Brisbane. We’ll also provide helpful tips on how to choose the right style for your home or business.

Fencing is an important part of any home, not only for security and privacy, but also for its street appeal. A well-designed and installed fence can add value to your property, so it’s important to choose wisely!

So whether you’re a builder, renovator, or simply a homeowner looking for inspiration, read on!

Aluminium Slats

Aluminium slat fencing Brisbane

Aluminium slats are an increasingly popular choice of fence when it comes to Brisbane homes. With their timeless beauty and strength, they’re becoming a go-to for those looking to accent their home’s newest addition. 

Perhaps the most amazing part about aluminium slats for fencing is their unique versatility as the gaps can be increased or reduced depending on the level of privacy you are trying to accomplish, you can create your own exclusive look that will draw attention from those nearby! 

Aluminium slat fences are highly customisable and are available in a range of styles and sizes and can be welded together or fabricated onsite. The gaps between are commonly 10-20mm but can be made to your specifications including for pool fencing compliance.

Whether you want something stylish and modern or a little more traditional, aluminium slats have you covered. Plus, with minimal maintenance required, these fences are built to last – perfect for any outdoor space throughout all of Brisbane! 

Aluminium Tubular Fencing

Aluminium Tubular Fencing

Aluminium tubular fencing provides Brisbane homeowners with a modern, stylish option for protecting and enhancing their outdoor living spaces. Its sleek, minimalist look is especially popular right now, and its lightweight material makes it easy to install, as well as great for pool safety. 

Aluminium tubular fencing is both durable and rust-proof, meaning that it can be an attractive investment that stands the test of time. Additionally, it comes in a range of designs, colours and styles to suit any outdoor space – perfect for creating a unique custom solution that looks great in the space. 

The posts can be powder coated steel, treated hardwood and the most popular choice: aluminium. If you’re considering making some changes to your outdoor area, then check out aluminium tubular fencing – reliable protection with a modern aesthetic! 

Aluminium Picket Top Fencing

Aluminium Picket Top Fencing

Aluminium picket top fencing is a classic and stylish way to add some lovely decoration to your Brisbane property. With its strong, robust aluminium construction combined with the charm of the traditional white picket fence design.  

Aluminium picket top fencing not only adds a great traditional aesthetic but also provides a secure boundary for your commercial or residential property that will last for years. Whether you are looking for an upgrade to your existing fence or would like to install some aluminium picket top fencing from scratch, our team at Harding Fencing can help.

Picket top fencing is difficult to climb making it ideal for securing your pool area from children or your yard from unwanted intruders.

Aluminium or Steel Spear Top Fencing

aluminium spear top fence

An aluminium or steel spear top fence is a stunning way to secure your property whilst bringing a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space. Popular in many commercial Brisbane properties, this type of fencing is extremely durable, low maintenance and allows natural light to filter through while securing the boundary. 

You can effortlessly upgrade the appearance of your property whilst adding a high level of security by investing in aluminium spear top fencing. 

These aluminium or steel fence panels can be made flat or in an arched shape giving a decorative and secure looking fence. The spear tops are popular due to the heir of danger that they give off to further dissuade people from climbing them. 

Install Aluminium Fencing on your Brisbane property

In conclusion, with many decorative and pool safe styles to choose from, aluminium fencing in Brisbane is a great choice when considering the cost to style and quality ratio. Aluminium fencing can provide the perfect amount of security, lifespan and prestige for your needs. 

Whether you prefer slats, tubular, picket top, spear top or loop panels – there’s an option for everyone. Plus, an aluminium fence will never rust or weaken due to weather damage as other types of fences do. 

If you’re ready to complete your new look, you can call on our team of fencing contractors at Harding Fencing who are ready to install aluminium fencing in your Brisbane property. We provide quality fencing and gate options and installation at affordable prices, so contact us for a quote today.

With our help and expertise, you’ll have your beautiful new fence installed in no time! So if it’s time for a new pool fence, style revamp or some extra security around your property – choose an aluminium fence.

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