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“Does My Pool Need A Fence?”

glass pool fence on wooden deck

No pool in Australia is complete without a fence. Everyone often thinks first about how big their new pool will be and where it will go. The first thing people should be thinking about is what kind of pool fence they are going to get and how it flows with their house and yard.

Once you’ve decided on which type of pool fence is right for you, you can start thinking about size and location.

Basic Regulations for Pool Fencing

Regulations vary slightly across states and are constantly being tweaked to improve water safety. The basic rules for pool fencing, regardless of state include:

  • Pool fencing minimum height of 1200mm
  • Top of the fence must be 900mm away from climbable objects
  • Any gap in the fence must be less than 100mm
  • The pool fence must be constructed from durable materials
  • Gates must be self-closing and open outwards of the pool area
  • Gate latches must be mounted on the pool side of the gate

Any state-specific regulations can be confirmed by a licensed pool fence installer.

What You Can Do To Keep Your Pool Safer

While pool fencing regulations are designed to prevent drownings, there are still some things you can do to keep your pool area safe, regardless of a pool fence.

  • Ensure your pool fencing is compliant with your state regulations.
  • Always remember, a pool fence isn’t a substitute for adult supervision.
  • Do not leave any child around water unsupervised regardless of their swimming ability.
  • Take your child to swimming lessons.
  • Consider taking a CPR course so you can assist in an emergency.
  • Display resuscitation instructions near your pool such as on your pool fence.
  • Place a ‘no diving’ sign if your pool is too shallow for diving.
  • Avoid leaving furniture and other climbable items near your pool.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol around water and while supervising children.

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