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Which Glass Pool Fencing Style is Right For You?

If you’ve made the decision to get a pool, chances are you’re considering which type of pool fencing you should install. We’ve already gone through the Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing, so which one is right for you?


Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is the Rolls Royce of pool fencing. Many people gravitate towards frameless glass pool fencing as it creates an impression of endlessness in their yard. This fence is made using 12mm toughened glass mounted on marine grade stainless steel feet called Spigots. These spigots are usually core drilled into existing tiles or concrete slab using a rapid setting high strength grout giving the glass maximum strength. Remember to advise your concreter if you intend to have your glass fence continue past the pool coping to a boundary fence as you may need a concrete strip footing for that section. The spigots can also be fixed to a timber deck where provisions have been made within the framework.

Gates are of varying sizes and standard or soft close hydraulic hinges are available.


Pin-Fixed Glass Fencing is sure to turn heads with its stunning appearance. It is similar to frameless pool fencing in its appearance with an added illusion of floating. This type of fence is used where a conventional top mounted fence will not comply or simply to gain additional room inside the pool area. Pin Fixed Glass is 12mm toughened glass which is mounted on the side of the structure rather than on top using non-climbable stainless-steel mounting pins.

Semi Frameless

The semi frameless glass fencing is popular with parents that want to deter young fingers from exploring between the gaps that comes with frameless and pin-fixed glass fencing. You may also find that semi frameless glass pool fencing suits your backyard better than frameless or pin-fixed. The aluminium posts can be powder coated in the colour of choice. This fence is made using 10mm toughened glass set into the glazing posts and fixed with a durable rubber wedge.

Whether you’re looking for frameless, pin-fixed or semi frameless glass pool fencing, talk to the professionals with over 15 years of experience in Brisbane Northside.

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